Downloading and installing Artist in Residence /or/ Monthly project Graphics/Images , or other Downloadable Content & Creatables.
**Note this page was originally created in 2004 and may contain "some" outdated information
Updates have been made to some content through 2006.

I am not affiliated with the pcCrafter company.
Any screenshots and/or information quoted are for informational purposes only. Please refer to the website for official current information and/or policies.

The following is some of the previous information I had and some of the basics of how to download and install pcCrafter files still applies.
If you should find a link does not work, please go to main pcCrafter page to locate current page.
Main page as it appeared December 17, 2005:

Main site: FAQ's

pcCrafter Hug Club FAQ's

Support Center

Contact pcCrafter with your questions
Note: pcCrafter offices are located in Provo, Utah, and they are on Mountain time.

Help Desk

Utilities - where you will find the Free Hugbug Browser to download
this is the Lite version and not the payfor Deluxe Browser.
Utilities currently available
HugBug Browser Lite
Original HugBug Browser
Uninstall Manager
Desktop Manager


TOC for this page

All about

If you are a first time purchaser of any Creatable collection
I strongly suggest you download and install the 
FREE pcHugBug Browser lite FIRST, before downloading and installing your graphics purchases or downloading the
freebies. It will help organize your graphics and help you find them all in one location.
**You can download  the browser which is a "exe" file,to your desktop if you choose to and click on it to have it install**
Then once your Browser is installed, download all your
downloadable purchases or any of the freebies to the new
folder that will be created on your computer from the Browser installation, which usually defaults to (if you don't specify where you want it to go) C:/PC HugWare.
Remember to look at the screens - when from then on, when you download a  file from pcCrafter - look to see or browse to find the C:/PC HugWare folder - before you click "save to".

You also can at any point purchase the Deluxe version
of the Browser which has more features, and which is what 
I own and am using for the screen shots shown here.

The Deluxe Browser version has a Search function for your pcCrafter installed collections. And if you hold down your keyboard "Shift Key" and drag a particular JPG graphic in any of your collections, into several popular graphics editing software program - the White box that surrounds it will be gone. (Caution: it also removes the white inside of a graphic as well)
Check out my "whiteouts"- How I get it out - page for more info

Another nice feature of the Deluxe Browser is the ability to print out thumbnails /indexes of your collections. 
Using the My Computer option, you can search your own computer for other graphics collections folders you may have and make them a My Favorite - by "right mouse" clicking on the folder you want to have accessible via the Browser - you will see a message "Add to Favorites". Then next time you open your Deluxe browser - go to My Favorites and when opened - all of your marked folders will be available for you to view or browse and drag to your favorite graphics editing software programs.
NOTE: the Search function of the Deluxe Browser DOES NOT SEARCH other NON pcCrafter graphics collections or folders, it does NOT SEARCH the MY Favorites you have marked.

Other important information:
Beginning in June 2006 - the Color and the Black & White (WMF format) graphics that were included in Creatables up to that point - were not made available in all graphics collections after that.
Currently pcCrafter releases their graphics collections in both JPG and PNG formatted images. 
PNG images have NO White background around them and are easy to layer in your compilations or projects. But some older software programs may not open PNG images.
Plus the PNG format produces a much larger file size. Your computer should have enough RAM memory 512K or more (1 gig is good, for computer memory - more is always better) . And your computer should be using the latest version of your operating system and or have a fast processing speed.
Also If your machine or software is older - you may experience problems working with or using the new PNG graphics.
But if you have up to date programs and enough computer (RAM) memory - you will really appreciate the PNG format.
the PNG format can be viewed/opened in most newer software programs such as Microsoft Digital Image line, (and some older versions known as Picture It) , Paint Shop Pro, Adobe products Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements, as well as others newer versions of popular programs that crafters use.

As of Dec. 2006, older graphics collections created before June 2006, still have the Color and the Black and White line art that were included in them when they were made. They will still install to their correct folder on your browser.

The new PNG graphics will install to the TIFF folder and you will need to click on the T in your Deluxe Browser to view them.

The Contact PCCrafter information page 
*Remember pcCrafter offices are located
in Provo, Utah and are on Mountain Time (2 hours earlier than U.S.  East Coast, 1 hour later than U.S. West Coast time)

For a handy reference Listing of current and past pcCrafter
Creatables / HugWare - to check off as you purchase /download and install - visit Lorie's page that she created and maintains for Hugsister's at
*it is updated on a regular basis  :-) Thank You Lorie!!
If you want to see some amazing crafts that Lorie has created
using pcCrafter graphics visit her House at:

Please note that I create these mini-tuts as an aide or help
for my fellow PCCrafter Hugster's & that I am a HugClub member
I am not employed or affiliated with 
any information, graphics, or excerpts quoted from the site or its forums, is for informational purposes only.

I use for my screen shots the Netscape Browser, a Windows XP system computer, and I own and use the HugBug Deluxe Browser.

Important points to remember as you download content files from

Remember! this is the key to all you want to do on the pcCrafter site

to download, to purchase, to access past hugclub content and/or "downloadable" purchases you have made in the past.
Being logged in at the messsage board forums is NOT the same as being logged
in to the main shopping areas and hugclub site pages for all registered users.

But wait - what if :

There may be times when you have problems with purchasing, or 
downloading, etc. even when you are logged in. It may be suggested to 
delete your "internet cookies" and/or your "cache"
To do that if you are using: 
Internet Explorer as your browser, go to Tools Menu.
then Internet Options, Then Delete Cookies
Netscape versions 7 and up as your browser, go to Tools Menu, 
then choose the Cookie Manager to delete cookies.

It may also be suggested to turn off "pop-up" blocker applications, or virus
software blocking applications that may be preventing activity on the pcCrafter site
even when registered and logged in to
Please follow instructions for your own particular application or software you have installed on your own computers for turning off certain functions, and then Remember to TURN BACK ON, after completing the transactions or downloading of files from the website. Usually you can "RIGHT" mouse click over an applications
software icon, and it will bring up a menu, one of the menu options may be 
"disable"  or "turn-off", etc. 

Now - Get Ready to Download - all that good stuff from PC Crafter

From the link provided to download, click on it and note where you are donwloading the file application to - It usually is an  .exe file, that will require installation after downloading.

Important points to remember:

1. Be sure to Read All The Screens, (the RATS rule of computing) as you begin downloading any file from the internet.

2. Note the File Name that you are downloading on a piece of paper in front of you, after you install it, (this can be helpful,especially if you are downloading several files in one session, such as when you download the monthly hugclub content, place a check mark next to it, after installing, so that you'll remember you have it installed).

3. Note "WHERE YOU ARE DOWNLOADING" the File to!!

4. If it is NOT Showing the Location you want to Download to, then click on the "Browse" button and locate the location/destination folder you want to download to.

Don't assume that when you download anything from any website on the internet
that it always downloads to the same place each time. You should be looking at
the Screen and reading where the file is downloading to. If it  is NOT the location,
that you want, Browse to the location, and only then start your download.

Example: You will usually want to download most PCCrafter files to the same folder
as where your Hugbug Browser is located.
On my computer that folder is located at: C:/PC HugWare 

If you don't know for sure where your browser is or what the destination path is to follow -
You can find what folder your  Hugbug Browser is located by 
Right Mouse Clicking on the Browser Icon on your desktop, 
and choose "Properties" from the menu

Screen 1 - right clicking on Browser icon, brings up menu,
choose the Properties item on menu, click on it to bring
up the Properties information screen (Screen 2)

Screen 2 - the Properties information for the Browser

Screen saves 
The PC HugWare folder  is where the following screen shots will show I am downloading and installing these files to.
The screen below is showing the download link for the January 2005 Artist in Residence project - the download file "contains the Graphics only" to complete the project
Artist in Residence Projects  for 2005  and "free" Graphics to complete project
to find each months Artist in Residence Project how to and the Graphic(s) Download - click on week one for each month in the project files archive
Artist in Residence projects for 2005 graphics that you download, will install
to a folder in your Browser - Artist in Residence 2005
For years earlier than 2005 -  Click on the Artists Spotlight projects
the projects were known as Monthly projects
the Graphics will install to a folder in your browser - Monthly Project
**Dec. 2006 - the 2004 and back/older project graphics, may no longer be available from pcCrafter site 
**it's important to download things when you see them, rather than wait, or bookmark a site or page and hope it will always be available.
**remember to print out project directions and file for future reference
or copy to a Word processing document

Click on the link to download - the next screen should come up - your computer
needs to know where you are downloading to, you may have an external drive,
a jump drive, a cd drive etc. where your PC Hugware folder and/or the Hugbug Browser is installed. 
For this example - I am downloading to my C drive - [screen 1] 
and will find the PC Hugware folder - [screen 2]

Screen 1

Screen 2 - click on the PC HugWare folder to open it

Now that the folder is open I can click on the Save button
to download the File: AIRJan2005


Be sure to note the Name of the file that you are downloading, 
I always write the name down on a piece of paper in front of me, 
as I may download several files from PCCrafter in a session
of downloading and they all will have different names.
For this example I jot down AIRJan2005

Once the file has downloaded, then go to "my computer", the C drive, 
and locate the folder PC Hugware again
and  then find the file that was just downloaded - 
For this example I will find the AIRJan2005.exe file

Creating SHORT CUTS to your favorite or most used folders, or 
other locations you may want to access:

**Note You also can make the C:/PC HugWare folder itself a "Shortcut" on
your desktop computer screen.
1. Right mouse click on any blank area of your computer screen
2. Choose from Menu >> New , then >> Shortcut
3. Type in the computer Path to the Shortcut - if I wanted a short cut to the folder 
that I download all my files to from pcCrafter, my path would be
C:/PC HugWare.  If you are not sure of your path, you can also use
the Browse button to browse your computer drive(s) and find the exact folder
that you always will be downloading all your pcCrafter downloadable files to.
Highlight that particular folder, and it will fill in the area of needed path
for the Shortcut.
4. Type in a Name for the shortcut, you can name it anything you like, or
keep the original name of the folder. 
5. Now you have the shortcut available to you to just click on to open, and
your downloaded files from pcCrafter will be accessible after downloading
and you just need to click on them individually for them each to install.

You can also create shortcuts to websites via the same steps, just put in
the website location address in the location path line:
a short cut address to the main chat forum of pcCrafter would be:
*Note: if you are on dial up, you will be prompted to dial in, and follow, your
usual dial in steps, before you can access the websites via their shortcuts.

Open the Folder that you downloaded the files from pcCrafter to

Double click on the file and the installation screens should begin,
the next screen is the  3rd screen in, it is the screen that shows where the file
will be installed to - The screen should say "Choose Destination Location"
at the top and the Destination Folder should say  C:\PC HugWare
If your  destination folder is not the PC HugWare folder  or if it is NOT located 
on your C drive then click on the "Browse" button and find where it is located

Read the sentence where the blue arrow is pointing to - it says that
the destination folder should be the same as where your HugBug Browser is
If the file AIRJan2005 installs in the same folder as the where the Browser is
it will automatically go to the correct part of the collections in your Browser.

Click the next buttons, and the file will fully install

Click the finish button and open your HugBug Browser and look for the
collection titled Artist in Residence and your files/images  should be there
as seen/found in this screen below:


PAST PROJECT Freebies - 2004, and 2003
Project Graphics and Layout Contest graphics (*note the Contest is NOT a current contest that pcCrafter is promoting - these files are from 2003 and 2004)
**Please remember to print out instructions for any of the projects
for future reference. The graphics are the only files available for downloading.

For other artist projects from years past, you can download them from this link
Download from any all underlined or active links you find for Projects and Layout Contest for the months
they are available for 2003 and 2004. Not all months have active links.
**remember to print out project directions and file for future reference
or copy to a Word processing document
(click on each months project, and then the downloadable files)
Download them the same way as the other PCCrafter files were downloaded,
always being sure they download to the same folder as where your Browser is
located - usually the PC HugWare folder.

They will be named differently as "monthlyproject and then the month and year) exe files, open your PC Hugware folder and locate the monthly project named files and install them individually.

Then open your HugBug Browser and those images will be in a collection
titled Monthly Projects, all monthly projects  images from each month 
will automatically install into the Monthly Project Collection.
Note you will find some Monthly project graphics for 2004 and 2003 to download from this page, 
as well as Layout Contest free graphics to download from this page
Click on the Project and the Layout links and then the download links.

The Layout Contest Graphics will go into the Layout Contest Folder

**note there are some 2003 layout graphics to download and they will go into the same
Layout Contest folder along with the 2004 graphics

Remember to download and install when you find the Freebies online. When they are gone, they are gone.

Monthly HugClub downloads - NOTES:
Your Hugbars, Your Home Helpers, etc. files also each install to their own
"Collection" folder as well. 
*Note: 2005 content will go into new dated folders, as will 2006, and 2007.
by their download name such as Toppers 2005, HomeHelpers 2005, etc.

Note: the Dec 2005 content may download to a 2006 file name - note the name of your download on a piece of paper in front of you, and after installing, look for that name in your Creatables listing in your Browser.

Only the individual "creatables" install in separate file folders by their name
that they were called when you downloaded them.
Example - Jan 2005 - One  of the creatables was named My Funny Valentine
and it installed to its own folder.

That's all folks, your images are now available for your creative projects.

PAST DOWNLOADS you may want to find and re-download

Do you need to find or re-download past HugClub content

NOTE: **You can only download past content from the months 
that you were actually a paid HugClub member - Usually there is 
a 2-3 month wait till the HugClub "Creatables" are released for
the general public or the new hugclub members to buy. The other
HugClub content such as PCDolls, HugBars, Toppers, Home Helpers
are ONLY available to HugClub members, and they are NOT
released for sale.

or PCCrafter "downloadable" purchases
that you may have missed or forgot to download, 
or weren't able/or/timed out  to download previously.
Go the the main page
Login with your email address and password for, then your own account details will appear.
It is on your own account page that you will find links to all past purchases
HugClub monthly content (for content for the months you were a paid member)
Click on "Expand" all - to find links to all items you have purchased.
It is arranged by catergory: Creatables you have bought, HugClub Content,
Cardables and Scrapables, Plus a Miscellaneous and a Fonts purchases catergory.
On your account page you will also find links to purchasing a gift certificate, how to redeem a gift certificate, your pcCrafter purse balance, and links to add money to your pcPurse, plus oother useful information about your own individual account with pcCrafter.

Follow all the steps noted above to download your files and install.

To PC HugClub Members - the MidMonth Content Extras / Snacks that become available each month on the 15th - will always be available in the "past" pcHugClub Content downloads as well as the usual downloads for a particular past months pcHugClub files.  When you download and install mid-month snacks for Creatables, they will automatically install to the proper Creatable they are "extras" for.

For current months - sometimes you are able to download the extras / snacks
on the 14th.  You may not see pictures of content yet, but if you ARE LOGGED IN at main site, your active download link should be available.

Remember! that's the key - YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN at to download, to purchase, to access past hugclub content and/or "downloadable" purchases you have made in the past.

If you would like to purchase past months hugclub content for when you were
NOT a member, please contact pcCrafter directly for assistance and/or information.
Creatables may become available later on to the general public for purchase. But pcHugClub content such as the toppers, hugbars, cutout dolls, home helpers, webstuff, etc. does NOT 

FREEBIES  and MORE to Download

There is also a payfor Deluxe version, that has more features, keyword searching
of the creatables you have installed, for finding that perfect graphic and other
options that the Free version does not have. **Some crafters like the option of
being able to drag, while holding down their keyboard "shift" key. to various graphic software programs, to remove the white-that surrounds the graphics for easy layering** that is only available when using the Deluxe Browser.**
Related: see my page for removing the white using the programs -
Microsoft's Digital Image Pro, Photoshop Elements 2, and Paint Shop Pro 8.

Want to know where MORE stuff is available to download, the
pcCrafter Freebies & Downloads
includes the Free graphics, and the Free HugBug Lite version Browser -
the Freebies include Share a Font,
Support our Troops
FREE downloadable Web Stuff (stationery, e-banners, and e-tags)!
Never Forget
A wonderful tribute to the victims of 9/11!
Click on over to:

come have a Plate full of Free stuff at this Cafe!

Cafe Diva - FREEBIES and NEWS for registered pcCrafters
Check this page often!!! Keep it as a bookmark - you'll find all kinds
goodies offered for "limited" time periods.
Cafe Diva

The PCCrafter HugClub Main page

Artist in Residence Projects  (AIR) for 2005  and 
"free" Graphics to complete project
Artist in Residence Projects  for 2005  and "free" Graphics to complete project
to find each months Artist in Residence Project how to and the Graphic(s) Download - click on week one for each month in the project files archive

Past projects
Artist in Residence projects for 2005 - the "free" graphics that you download will install
to a folder in your Browser - Artist in Residence 2005
For years earlier than 2005 -  Click on the Artists Spotlight projects **note: as of Dec 2006 - SOME of the older (before 2005) project graphics MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE from the pcCrafter site
the projects were known as Monthly projects
the Graphics will install to a folder in your browser - Monthly Projects
these files are .exe files and you should download to your PC HugWare folder
**remember to print out Project directions and file for future reference
or copy to a Word processing document

Related: I also created a webpage showing how I obtain images/graphics from pdf

Please remember your MUST BE LOGGED IN at the main site to 
be able to download and/or purchase anything.
Login or register if needed to at

Also note, that being Logged in at the PCCrafter Message Chat forums,
is NOT The same as being Logged in on the site.
Both are on separate internet web servers, and your login is required individually to 
be able to interact (post or edit your own messages, or profile on the message boards) and Shop or Download, Edit your account details, etc. on the PCCrafter site.
Even if your login name and info is the same at both places, you must login
at each, to be able to accomplish any interactivity at either.
If you have problems even when being registered and/or logged in at see these notes

It also is important to note that some files MAY download or you may specify
downloading them to a different location or folder on your computer -
Example: the monthly WebStuff should download to the same location where your
Desktop Manager is, so that you can take advantage of the screensavers, etc.

PCCrafter Webstuff information page

Desktop manager information:
Excerpt quoted from PCCrafter:
To use the Desktop Stuff, you can apply it through the Desktop Manager if you are using Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Here is a link where you can download that:

And here is a link where you can find out more about the Desktop Manager. 

Software updates or patches/fixes page

This is the easiest way, but you can apply them manually if you don't have one of these versions of Windows. To apply the screen savers, icons, and backgrounds manually, right click on your computer's desktop and choose properties. To apply the cursor, click on Start, Control Panel, and Mouse, and Pointers. When you go to apply them manually, you will look on you C: drive, pcHugClub folder, and Desktop Stuff. The icons, cursors, backgrounds, and screen savers are in the corresponding folders.

On my computer I download the WebStuff, to a folder on my C drive named "pcHugClub"
then I open that folder and install each file and the components - the Etags, the Banners, the Stationary, each go into their own subfolder.
I have found that for certain files such as the etags, that I may want to use them in other applications, so I copy them to my Browser, into a folder I created, called 4mycreations and then use the drag and drop feature of the Deluxe browser, to get the white out, and drag the graphic into one of my imaging software programs.

I created this mini-pictorial on how I do it with using the etags as an example and my software program Adobe Photoshop Elements

I created this mini-pictorial of how I use the Webstuff Stationary and my program Microsoft PictureIt Photo 2002 software.
using ebacks for email

Related links of Interest:
Inserting sig tags or images into Yahoo email messages

Use HTML in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

Adding Sigtags to email

Tips on adding images to email programs
This is from Lilypie FAQ but contains useful information to apply to other programs

Adding sigtag image using Outlook Express
See other useful tutorials from

Important Note:
This message is quoted from another forum, on posting images in email:

Remember, many of your recipients won't see it. As many viruses and trojans are passed along by graphics in email (malicious code can be added to the graphic tag), more and more users are instructing their email clients not to display graphics or HTML email. Ever received an email that appeared blank? Chances are it had an invisible 1-x-1 pixel graphic with malicious code attached. Viewing HTML email is the second most prevalent form by which viruses and trojans are passed.

I do NOT subscribe to the FONT service 
Excerpt quoted from PCCrafter:
LD Font Service
Upgrade your membership to include 2 matching Lettering Delights Font Sets. Each set includes 2 original Fonts and 1 original Alphabet. These are created to coordinate with the HugClub Creatables. They are the perfect match to use with the images as you create your projects and scrapbooks.

Find information about that service on this page:

Download for FREE (you must be a registered pcCrafter) - even if you don't subscribe to fonts service - (if you purchase Lettering Delights alphabets you can use this browser)
The Lettering Delights Supreme Image Browser
excerpt quoted from website page
The Lettering Delights Supreme image browser  allows you to use the full color Alphabets to create titles for invitations, scrapbook pages etc. It adds spice to your creative projects. You can use the browser to change the hue (color) and saturation (amount of color), adjust the brightness and contract, set the sharpness or add paint effects. There are a lot of fun options included.
Related: visit the Lettering Delights main website

**NOTE**: I have purchased Alphabets directly from Lettering and have installed
or linked to them via "My Favorites" in my Hugbug Deluxe Browser, copies of the individual
graphics of the alphabets, so that I can use them as individual graphics in compilations
of graphics I may compose. I also have and use the LD Browser.
See the page I made showing How I Save LD alphabets to my Hugbug browser

Lots of Messages  - I read lots and lots of messages..

Join or Login to the pcCrafter Message Forums: 
(NOTE: the Message Boards are on a separate web server off the pcCrafter website and if you have joined and/or are logged in on the main pcCrafter site - you may still need to join and/or login to the Message Boards site, if you would like to post a message - reading messages is Free to everyone linking to the site.

Message Forum Rules

Find the latest discussions going on over at the Main General Chat area
The Main Chat forum - will have messages about the latest Craft Projects
that everyone is working on, or messages asking for assistance or help on/with
a project, ideas, tips, links to new websites of interest, Messages of a more personal
nature, fun messages, family goings on, lots of sharing and caring -
It's the big "meeting room" where all the chatting is going on - 24/7

Related : I created a webpage with information all about Sig Tags and how to find them online, suggestions for creating your own, finding a place online to store them (you must have your sigtag on a webpage that you are able to link to - in order for it to show up in your forum messages) how to post in a forum message, and much more on this page:

LINGO or What do those terms or letters stand for

Some "lingo" common to the pcCrafter boards
btt - bump or back to top (to bring a message to the top of the forum, that may have gotton buried or forgotton - some one will just write "btt" and reply in the their message response) Note: The main chat forum, moves very fast, and lots of messages
are posted/and responded to each day - so if you post something early in the day, and it receives no response within a certain time frame - it may have moved to several pages into the forum board, in just a few hours - find your message, and respond with "btt" in body of message. And your message may have gotton a response but - also moved down a few pages, you may have to search for it, if it goes a few hours since you visited the board. Hint: when I post a message or am interested in  following a particular posting, I always copy the web url for that particular message and e-mail it to myself, so that I can check back on it - easily and quickly.

spagetti - this is a term that is used to describe the new creatables / graphic collections that are offered on the main website each and every Thursday.  These are separate creatables / graphic collections from the monthly
content that HUG CLUB members recieve,  the Thursday offerings are available for purchase by anyone.

BTT - Back or Bump to Top. Any time you reply to a forum message, it automatically
moves that message thread up to the top of the messages. There are lots of messages
posted each day, so often a message will go unanswered or read, and be pushed back
several pages. By replying with the simple message "BTT", it bumps that message back up, to be read or seen by others on the forum.

OT = off topic, a message that may not be craft related, but still of interest to those
who read in the General Chat area.

dh = dear husband; dd = dear daughter; ds = dear son; dgd - dear granddaughter, 
bm=birth mother; mil=mother in law
(you get the idea)

LOL = Laughing out loud, BTW=By the way, HTH=Hope that helps, TFS=Thanks for sharing

***2006 new lingo " Across the Street " = - a Graphics site created and owned by former pcCrafter artist Gina Jane Johnson - it also sells art by several other wonderful artists, and has available ready to go Printables for your crafting projects
Personal note: I have my own forum on the DAISIE Community Forums   - I am the " Ask Mary " forum

Starting in 2006 pcCrafter started a policy for their messageboard forums - that prohibits providing links to other sites that sell graphics or related items that may compete with their own products. And while some may not agree with the policy - it was not done out of malice or to try to keep others from visiting other artists sites. It was done out of consideration of pcCrafters current artists. 
There is also no advertising allowed for other sites or banners and/or links (clickable link to another site) within sigtags posted in message threads that are for other artists sites. pcCrafter also removed the popular Artists forum in 2006.
For complete rules for their messageboard forums see:
You can provide a link to your "house" within the forum threads, and that link can be to your own internet or website business. Just add the link to your profile on the messageboard or put it as a favorite link in your profile information. **when someone clicks on your profile name in a thread - it will take them to your information page.

Some crafters have also started their own Messageboard forums - some "may" require an email invitations to join.
Example of a forum that requires an invitation:

Anyone can start their own forum or messageboard group if they so choose:
see for example Yahoo groups and find out how to start one of your own

There are also many sites such as Scrapbooking and or Crafting sites that have their own messageboards that you can join for Free.
See for example:
Join/register  for free the forums at:

former pcCrafter artists who have their own websites
Kathleen Montgomery  * many of the crafters on pcCrafter use the That's Entertainment set by Kathleen for movie themed sets.
Tammy De Young **artwork still sold at pcCrafter as of Dec. 2006
and rubberstamps with Tammy's artwork is sold at

There are Current pcCrafter artists who also have personal websites
Debbie Mumm
Debbie has a wonderful set of Clipart CDs available from her own site
4 cd's for $39.95 plus S&H

PcCrafter creatables releases **released at Midnight - Mountain Standard time - 
**pcCrafter is located in Provo, Utah
Every Tuesday - a New Scrapable is released
Every Thursday - 2 new Creatables are released **and 2x a month a Cardable may also be released on Thursdays
On the 1st of every month the new HugClub Content is released
On the 15th of every month - the mid-month snack for the HugClub is released - it usually consists of 5 extra graphics for the main hugclub creatable for the month, and also contains extra "e-backs" for your webstuff

In September of each year - PC Crafter celebrates its HugClub Birthday, and may give out a Free gift collection just for HugClub members.
In Dec of each year - PC Crafter may also give a Christmas gift just for HugClub members
Usually these gifts are listed as "promotional" or as "gift" items to download from your Monthly download area of your account on pcCrafter.

FYI - the Creatables that are given to pcCrafter HugClub members are released for the Public to purchase within 2-3 months after Club members have recieved. Only the "30" original graphics will be made available. None of the "snack" graphics, or any of the "other" goodies that hugclub members recieve will be available to the public for purchase.
If you would like to purchase "past" content - You would need to contact PcCrafter and purchase the entire month of HugClub content to acquire the graphics sets available in that particular month.
Contact information for pcCrafter - **it is best to phone - if you need quick assistance**

Software - lingo
DIP = Microsofts Digital Image Pro; 
PSP = Corel's/Jasc's Paint Shop Pro
PI = Microsofts Picture It - or it could also stand for = Photo Impact 
PS = Adobe's Photoshop and PSE = Adobe's Photoshop Elements

For a more listings of the lingo for internet chat / message boards 
(print out for future reference):
Scrapbooking or Crafter forum lingo
Chat, E-Mail, Web, and chat room slang and acronyms
Emoticons (such as smileys ;-) : (symbols used to display feeling) 
Scrapbooking terminology

Note: I include these internet lingo links and other resources on my Sayings, Quotes, Poems and Verses for crafters and scrapbooker's page

OTHER pcCrafter discussion  Forums of interest in the message board area are:

Instruction Junction - where you'll find help and links to off sites for your crafting projects and or software programs

Sigtag testing forum - test your sigtag link

The Missing Link - where links to useful websites for crafters are posted

Poetry & Sayings Place - where others share their own poetry or sayings that they
have authored - or where requests are submitted for a particular poem or sayings help
**related - I have a compilation webpage of  online links to resources for Poems, Ouotes, Verses, Sayings, and much more at:

The Prayer Corner - where you post messages requesting prayers, or post messages of
support, and understanding.

HugClub help - this is the  forum for help with anything to do with the 
pcCrafter HugClub - which provides the monthly content to its members
*note: pcCrafter employees (often referred to as "lollies angels") may not
respond to messages posted in this forum as quickly as using other methods
of contacting pcCrafter directly via phone or their other contacts - if you need immediate assistance or would like information about anything to do with the 
HugClub - Visit:

See all the other Message forums available at:

Other pictorials I have created

Saving "other or your own" image collections
within HugBug Deluxe Browser

Printing Image Collections from your Deluxe Browser

Accessing & Copying images from PDF files

Using sigtags from PCCrafter Gallery 
and posting in forum postings

Placing your sigtag in Forum messages
Pictorial with links to information about: 
finding free sigtags, tutorials, 
image formats, how to find a FREE spot online to host your images 
(with the links to the various helpful instruction junction posts too), and more.

Getting the White Out - that surrounds pcCrafter graphics 
How "I" do it using the following software programs:
Microsoft's Digital Image Pro version 10
Paint Shop Pro version 8
Adobe's Photoshop Elements version 2

Online "Subject Related" RESOURCE Pages I have created

Templates resources online - many crafters apply their HugWare graphics
to templates to create a variety of boxes & bags, cards, cake slices, 
paper purses, and much more!
Click on this page to see a long listing of online websites that offer 
FREE Templates for Crafting and/or Business use. There are also links to 
Templates already filled in and ready to print, fold and go.
Plus the page contains a few tutorial links or tips to working with templates 
using various software programs.

FONTS - online links all about fonts, and resources for finding Free ones

Sayings, Quotes, Poems, Verses and much more! 
Find the "Write" words
for your Crafts, Cards, Invitations or Scrapbooking projects

See this page - part of my Online Printables Resources
with informational links about Downloading stuff (pdf files, fonts, etc.)
from the internet

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  • Notes on Downloading HugClub monthly content 
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  • pcCrafter Message boards - come join the forums 
  • Notes on Downloading  & installing HugClub Monthly WebStuff 

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